Who is Guillermo "Bill" Taylor?


Born in Argentina and raised across several countries in South America, I received my degree in Chemical Engineering from the Universidad de Buenos Aires before moving to the U.S. to get my MBA at Florida International University.

I worked with the Coca-Cola company for over 40 years -- starting as a flavor chemist, then moving into product, marketing, and eventually general management.

My Coca-Cola career took me to assignments in Atlanta, Bogota, Istanbul, Mexico City, and Curitiba -- my wife and 5 children in tow. During this time, I managed companies and executed projects in over 30 countries. 

My final executive assignment with Coca-Cola was as CEO of their one billion dollar bottling company based in Brazil. After creating and managing this company for 8 years, I decided to start my own consulting business based on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) methodology.

In 2002 I launched my consulting firm, dedicated to business strategy and change management for companies across a variety of industries. 

I’ve worked on projects in the fields of education, wood, paper, banking, insurance, logistics, transportation, heavy machinery, agricultural products, construction, energy, retail distribution and consumers products.

I’ve given several lectures at universities, seminars, and conferences while serving as a board member at a variety of Brazilian and international companies.

In 2012, I moved back to Atlanta and established my US-based consulting firm. Since then, I’ve largely focused on the healthcare industry -- integrating TOC methodologies to help medical centers address constraints and streamline their operations.

In an effort to further achieve my goal of bridging multicultural communication gaps in businesses, I received my graduate certificate in Spanish<>English translation from Georgia State University.

Today, in addition to business consulting, I help companies who need high-level business translations and interpretations to help further their international business objectives.

I am grateful for the lifetime of experiences that have led me to where I am today -- leveraging my multicultural awareness and international business acumen to help companies and individuals achieve their loftiest goals.